Balfolk in Czech Republic is alive and kickin'! We have regular balls, clases, festivals and guests from all over the world. Balfolk is also the best way to make some new friends in Prague, both Czech and foreign. And even though we haven't translated the whole web for you, we will do our best to make you feel welcome & wanted. Please, come and join the fun!

What's on?

Balls, workshops, sessions and more...


The balls are every second Wednesday with local bands, and we also have foreign musicians every once and then on other days. Check the calendar for up-to-date info...

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Every two weeks on Wednesday we go to local pub for very informal evening of dancing, playing and drinking. Live music & dance instructions on the spot!

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We give open classes every second Wednesday. For the people, who want to have fun but also take their social dancing one step further...

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We do one big balfolk festival, by the end of the January. With several foreign bands and teachers: check the line-up for next year...

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What the hell is "balfolk"?

Also known as "bal folk", "folk bal", "boombal"... No idea? Just follow these links!

Balfolk: what is it?

Short clip from the first Prague Balfolk weekend with Gerard Godon, Ralf Spiegler and Mikuláš Bryan talking about balfolk, both in Prague and in general. (French, English and Czech with English subtitles.)


Balfolk on Wikipedia

Get your facts straight with this short summary of what should balfolk be all about! (In English.)


Frisse Folk: Laissez-vous surprendre

Video about balfolk by Frisse Folk, dance school based in Brussels. (Flemmish, with French subtitles.)


Balfolk in Prague

Stop "doing the internets" and try the real deal! There are balls, sessions, clases and other things going on in Prague. Don't be shy, come and join the fun...